Postpartum Doula

American culture is extremely lacking in postpartum care of the mother. In the past, women and communities would gather and help with domestic chores so the mother could bond and be with her baby for weeks. Fortunately there is increasing attention being given to the fact that mothers need support. Support helps to maintain the mother’s emotional well being. Having postpartum doula support helps a family to adjust more readily to their roles and relationships and has tangible benefits such as fostering a stronger bond between the parents and their baby.

Having a baby is a joyous and busy time. It can be challenging and overwhelming. Sometimes it’s even hard to find time to take a shower or brush your teeth. As your postpartum doula I will be able to help you find time for taking care of yourself which will enhance your emotional and physical recovery. I can offer support with newborn care including breastfeeding support and soothing.  I can help with household chores and older children. I can offer information and resources.

I will always keep an open mind and honor your style of parenting. I encourage parents to trust their natural instincts while helping to build their confidence. I will treasure whatever time I spend with your family at this special time in your life and hope to make this transition as enjoyable as possible.