Bellingham Doula Services

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a momentous and often a very busy time.  All families need support through birth and the postpartum period.  That is why having a doula to support your family through this process is so important.  I am devoted to assisting your birthing experience in any way I can to help you have your desired birth.  I will not come with an agenda and am flexible in order to accommodate your needs as they change throughout labor and delivery.

I have always had a strong interest in pregnancy, the birthing process and have an incredibly warm place in my heart for babies and children. I offer both labor support and postpartum doula services and strongly believe in contributing when your family wants it and allowing space when you need it.

I will be honored each and every time I am given the chance to serve as a doula and be a part of this miraculous time in your life. Birth is an empowering time for women and a transformational time for parents. What a miracle! This is the first step in guiding your baby throughout his or her life.

Judy Moore
DONA Certified Doula
Serving Bellingham and surrounding areas